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WoolPacks New Zealand Limited
We are a NEW ZEALAND based wool pack recycler and marketing company.
We have a number of wool pack grades.
Two bundles of packs
Bundles of 25 wool packs.
One bundle of packs
Bundle of 25 wool packs.
Packmark: A premium grade wool pack, sorted and repaired to New Zealand Wool Board 'Packmark' standard. Ideal for use by wool growers for the baling of greasy wool. This grade is for wholesale trade only.

Condition Fit For Shipment: Wool packs are graded and repaired to a standard complying with the New Zealand Wool Board 'Fit For Shipment' standard. These wool packs are for use by the NZ wool trade for packing export wool. They are also used by scourers, felmongers and brokers, but not by wool growers.

Premium Recycled: These wool packs are in an 'as new condition' free of any cuts, repairs, woolgrease and any brands on the outside surface.

Recycled: Wool packs have all cuts over 50mm repaired, and are free of any contaminants. These wool packs are suitable for use in the recycling industries for storage or transport of paper, plastic and clothing, etc.

We will supply wool packs specifically graded to a customers requirements if they are not met by any of the above grades.

Wool packs are either tightly pressed into bundles of 25 (see photos above) which makes for maximum freight efficiency, or placed in bales of 100 wool packs.

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